What kind of website do I do or don’t ?

I specialized in wordpress which is a platform of blog and content menagement system.

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I also do squeeze page design and marketing strategy..

Do I offer domain name and or hosting?

You want to be in control and have access to your hosting account, server, and back end administration.

I recommand my customer to get domain name from godaddy.com and get hosting from customer buy hosting from hostgator.com.

I DO NOT recommand getting hosting from Godaddy.com.

Do You offer design such as banners , logo etc.


What if you already have domain name and hosting?

Most of my clients already have domain name and hosting before they contact me. So, that is not a problem

What about W3C standards?

WordPress are inf full compliance with 23c for more information about w3c and word press click here http://wordpress.org/about/features/

What kind of Marketing strategy do I provide ?

I provide Marketing strategy related to social networking, SEO, advertising, Email marketing and more.

How do you price your services?

It is like answering this question: “What do you want for dinner” ?

It’s like asking me “What You Want For Dinner.”
If you want a really nice steak dinner at a really nice restaurant
it will cost you at least $20 per person. It costs extra because it
also takes a lot of extra time.
Or you could just throw a TV tray dinner into the microwave and pay
under $5. It’s cheap because it’s quick and easy.

So this is how I price my service based on how long it will take me to build it.


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Do I offer maintenance training ?

Yes, wordpress blogging is easy to learn and you will be in control of all your blogging. You will get admin access to your  website.

How do we communicate with this project ?

My experience shows that using Support Ticket System  is more convenient and more effective. Click here to see it



Do you have a checklist or criteria?

Yes I do have a check list click here to see it.

Do I offer discount ?

Yes I do offer discount,

Do you have sales or marketing experience?

I have an Bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship.

I passed the Internet-Marketing-Consultants and am now a Certified Internet-Marketing-Consultants
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I also am an WordPress Developer on Odesk.com
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