GeoDirectory & Geotheme Review

Client want  comparison report between

and Geotheme

(My report)
The only things that seem to be different between the 2 are the plugins and the theme.
I upload the free plugin and you can review with it here

Here is the list of plugin you might have to buy.
It would cost about $460.00 if you brought all the plugins

Geotheme is $50 for 6 month right now. Or 85 after 2 months.
They are offering all GD product plus premium support .
I am assuming that the payment are for premium support.
Subscripton are at $85.00 for
6 month $85.00 (now discount to $50.00)
4 month $60
12 months at 12.50 is $150
Here are some website that are using the theme

upload a demo theme snapshot

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